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Domestic EPC


Our domestic EPC assessment takes around 20 - 25 minutes to complete, larger houses can take longer. Over the course of the inspection particular attention is paid to surveying:

  • Loft Insulation

  • Cavity Wall Insulation

  • Windows

  • Heating Systems and Controls

  • Water Heating and Storage System

  • Lighting

Access is required to all rooms of the property and the loft will be inspected ( the surveyor only needs to look in they do not need to go into the loft )


The EPC Certificate is good for 10 years unless you make any changes to the property that affect the thermal performance. Such as new glazing, a new boiler, insulation. 


Domestic EPC Cost


Our domestic EPC service cost is £45 up to 4 bedrooms, larger houses ( 5 beds and over) will be quoted separately.


We accept cash, cheque or BACs payment.

Book an Appointment

A morning phone call can often result in an Energy Performance Certificate being presented by the end of that working day.

If you are in the South Wales area contact us today to arrange your Domestic EPC assessment.

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